About World Smile Archive

World Smile archive is a project of Culture promotion office of Poland. World Smile archive is a project of Culture promotion office of Poland. Project was initiated by Marek Wysoczynski (Founder & CEO World Smile Archive) in 2001.

We are Collecting smile autographs for children in hospitals fighting with most deadly diseases & under privilege children around the world to give them a hope strength and well whishes. It's also our ambition to promote art, culture and Peace among people living in every part of the world.

Working Areas

Collection of Smiley autographs
Exhibitions and Workshops
Helping underprivileged children
Promoting Culture & art

Smile Representatives

We have a large number of our representatives around the world in almost every part of the world.

Smile Autographs Collected

The number of Smile autographs submitted from people around the world or shared on our website and facebook pages. We receive a large number of smile autographs every day. In our collection large number of autographs submitted by celebrities around the world. Such as:

EX-Prime Minster of Poland MR. Donald Tusk
H.M Queen Noor of Kingdom of Jordan. Polish Presidents Lech Walesa, Bronislaw Komorowski , Andrzej Duda
German Cancellor Angela Merkel
Argentinian Footballer Diego Maradonna
Actor from India Salman Khan
Actrees from USA Liza Minelli
H.M Queen Noor of Kingdom of Jordan.
And many more

Exhibitions & Workshops

Our team continually arranges exhibitions in different countries to promote and collect smiles.

Working Areas

• Culture Promotions • Under Privilege Children's • Orphanage Institutes • Old Homes • Truisms Industry • Fashion Industry • Youth Organizations • Government and Private Hospitals

Support worldwide

We have received support and endorsement from youth organizations, Intuitions and Hospitals worldwide and they are willing to work with us in future. Following are the organization initially agreed to be a part our projects. • Embessy of Poland • Embessy of Japan • Embessy of China • Embessy of Romania • Childeren Heaven India • United Nation Headquaters • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Abbottabad • IBC URDU Pakistan • Youth Assembly of Pakistan • Young Welfare Organization Abbottabad • IMCB Islamabad • Organization for Research and Education (ORE)

How can organizations help us?

• Help us get sponsors for our projects. • We will welcome Media sector for our events coverage. • Co-organize events and participate in our events. • You can be our event sponsor in terms of financial and logistic support. • Help us to spread our message across the globe through social Media and websites. • Invite us to join you in your events and co-host the events with you. • Become a bridge to connect us with organizations.

Message of Marek Wysoczynski Founder and International Director

Smiling affects our whole body in an incredibly positive way! Not only does it enhance the release of endorphins – happiness hormones – but it also has a beneficial influence on our physical well-being. And what if I told you that smiling can additionally help other people? So why not share your smile with the world?

And that's exactly what I did, but let's start from the beginning. I studied law at the University of Gdansk, but eventually I received my Master of Arts in History. Currently I am the director of the Culture Promotion Office and I organize various concerts and unusual exhibitions all over the world, but predominantly I am the founder and CEO of World Smile Archive, an amazing project that I came to talk to you about.

It all started with the first autograph I had received in 1980 from a Polish singer and actress Kalina Jędrusik. I carried on collecting the autographs of famous people, which I first presented to the world on an exhibition entitled "1000 autographs for the Millennial Anniversary of the City of Gdansk". Then I came up with an idea that the autographs would bring more joy if they were accompanied by a smile.

At first I was showing the smiley autographs in children's hospitals, but soon I realized that adults also enjoy them greatly. So I decided to spread the smile all over the world, because I believe that this simple act can have a major positive impact on our everyday life.

Since 2001 I've been organizing smile exhibitions and smile workshops. The smiley autographs, including the ones of Jordanian Queen Noor, Patriarch of Constantinopol Bartholomeus I, Diego Maradonna and President Lech Walesa, have been exhibited in Poland as well as other countries, for example Mexico and Vietnam. The latest exhibition entitled United Nations, United Smile took place during the session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The workshops have been organized in children's oncology hospitals in such cities as Cairo, Istanbul, Tehran and Shanghai, as well as in schools all around Poland, Austria, Germany in Crimea and Bronx.

We cooperate with artists, sportspeople, politicians and celebrities to collect new smiles which we later add to the World Smile Archive. The smiley autographs bring joy and positive energy, so we take them to hospitals, orphanages and schools. But that's not all! Apart from presenting the autographs, we also encourage children to create their own smiles. This way, we show them that their smiles are just as important and influential as a smile of Poland's greatest football player, Robert Lewandowski! We send a clear message: as far as the positivity of a smile is concerned, you are as strong as an Olympian, as significant as a Nobelist and as fabulous as a film star! All the smiles created during our workshops add up to the Archive and are later used to help other patients. So in spite of their own illness, the children contribute to the smile therapy of those in need. It shows that literally everyone can help and it doesn't cost a single penny!

The act of putting a smile on a piece of paper makes it lasting. That is why it can be a comfort in time of distress and pain. The memory of the positive energy which was shared soothes and relieves little patients. A typical workshop looks like this: together with a famous personality I talk to the children about smiling. I explain the importance of the smile, but we also discuss why sometimes it's not easy to smile. We play a lot, we draw smiley faces on a big poster and take a smiley selfie. We also laugh out loud and chant "ha ha haaa". Finally, we stand in such a way that we form a large smiley face.

World Smile Archive is an impressive collection of over ten thousand smiley autographs. It includes for example smiles drawn by Pierce Brosnan, Angela Merkel, Liza Minelli, Katie Melua, Keanu Reeves, Petula Clark, Jim Carrey, Roger Waters, Whoopi Goldberg, Pedro Almodovar, Paulo Coehlo, Jackie Chan, Vaclav Havel, Maria Kaczynska, Hillary Clinton, Agnieszka Holland, Andrzej Wajda… and many, many more.

I believe that a smile breaks all the barriers and draws people together.