Marek Wysoczynski

Founder & International Director World Smile Archive
Marek Wysoczyński studied law at the University of Gdansk where he received his Master of Arts in History degree. He was an actor in the German language Theatre Logos and also a teacher of German. He has organized meetings of Polish and German young people. He was a tourist guide in the Central Maritime Museum, an archivist, teacher of history and a manager for special events. At that time he created a series of concerts entitled "Music on Water" which have been presented by him again since then. He was the director of the Baltic Centre of Culture.

He organized an exhibition of 1000 autographs as a part of the Millennial Anniversary of the City of Gdansk, the Millennial Concert of Emma Kirkby and presented concerts given by the Polish Chamber Choir. He was awarded a Gdansk Millennial Medal. He created the Franciscan Centre of Culture in Gdansk and organized music festivals called "Musica Mariana".

He is now the director of the Culture Promotion Office and organizes various concerts and novel exhibitions all over the World. He was a co-organizer of the festival of Culture of Europe in Georgia and Opera festival in Dubrovnik. Every year he organizes special carol concerts in Palestine and Jerusalem and last year he organized one in a Turkish bath in Skopje. The Office, together with the Goethe Institute, organized a series of Polish song concerts sung in German in Paris and Alexandria. 2001 he created World Smile Archvie. Cultural project , promotional as well as philantrophy and social one. It is as well Smile Coaching as well as Smile Lesson and Smile Workshop. .

In hospital , schools, universities as well as in orphanages. During of exposures and giving gifts in form of making smiles for and from children and making them happy, stronger and wiser in every real way. Making them not only powerful for healing but more powerful as they can support others in trouble with their own " work" smile drawing. Exibition and workshops have benn held in USA, Iran, Belarus, Ukraine, Vietnam, Egypt, Moldova, Macedonia, Turkey, Italy, France, Azerbejian, Germany, China, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary Romania, Mexico, Japan, Czech Republic and ofcourse Poland. It was at Head Quarter at United Nation in New York , National Philharmony in Skopje, Onkology Children Hospital in Teheran, Cairo, Shanghai .

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Malgorzata Vegh

Office Manager & Ambasador

world smile archive Hungary
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M. Junaid Abbasi

Country Head World Smile Archive / Multimedia Artist / Writer / Member Youth Assembly / Certified UN volunteer

Muhammad Junaid Abbasi - a young artist, a self-motivated humanitarian worker- hail to Islamabad, Pakistan. He has completed his specialization in Multimedia Art and Design from ( Middlesex University Londonan overseas Support Program). He has been honored to be amongst World top 10,000 best Artists in 2013. Besides his artistic passion, Junaid Abbasi is actively taking part in humanitarian work i.e., education, poverty alleviation and deprived children' financial and social wellbeing since 2010.

He has also bestowed with honorary writing membership of as youth blogger and article writer in several national news publishing agencies. In this regard, he is availing the opportunity to work with different national newspaper network as young article writer since 2014. He raises his voice against inequality and highlight deprived children' problems and sensitize people to play their part for their up-gradation.

junaid Abbasi has also been working with United Nations as UN Volunteer program member since 2015 and has successfully completed several international projects regarding international peace and development in-turn awarded with certification and appreciation from UNDP.

He took charge of World Smile Archive Pakistan as country Head in 2014. World Smile Archive working for underprivileged children worldwide with large number of representatives in +50 countries around the world. World Smile archive is a project of Culture promotion office of Poland. Project was initiated by Marek Wysoczynski (Founder & CEO World Smile Archive) in 2001, along with his enthusiastic team members, tends to make people self-dependent and motivates them to settle their issues by coordination and cooperation. Their dedicated welfare activities and programs resulted in unity and harmony between different national communities regardless of their social class and religious affiliations. Consequently, WSA Pakistan is making progress with every passing day and has successfully organized many events for Underprivileged children with the collaboration of various other institutions in Islamabad, Pakistan.

"Our vision is to build connection between underprivileged children and affluent national and international community, strengthen peace and harmony between different social classes to make this world a peaceful and worth-living place for innocent souls. "

One can approach him through below-mentioned channels.

Voice: +92 336 55 99 893 | +92 312 50 46 534
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Phone: +92 336 55 99 893
Islamabad, Pakistan